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    Max and Olga Styph have always dreamed of retiring in Miami. In anticipation of that retirement, they have become fans of the Miami Marlins. In 2012, as the construction of Marlins Park (home of the Miami Marlins) was nearing completion, Max bought a paver that was offered for sale by Marlins organization.  He bought the paver because the proceeds would be going to benefit the Marlins Community Foundation.  Additionally, Max wanted to commemorate his longtime relationship with his business partner, Murray Grossman, who used to strategically employ a Marlins baseball cap in an effort to better get to know women who he wanted to date. Some explanation is necessary here.  As explained on page 89 of the Frozen Styph book, Murray wore a baseball cap since the time of his early 20's to hide thinning hair.  He chose to wear a Marlins baseball cap which, at the time, featured a prominent "F" on it; this is so because the team used to be called the Florida Marlins (and not the Miami Marlins).  You can read more about it in the book, but basically, Murray believed that the  "F" on his cap sent a powerful subliminal message to would-be dates.  As noted on page 89 of the book, "...Murray was known to roll his eyes upward, in a subtle gesture designed to compel the woman to stare at the 'F' on his cap."

All of that being said, when the Florida Marlins baseball team officially changed their name to the Miami Marlins, Murray bought up a surplus of remaining caps with the trademarked "F."  When he occasionally actually goes to a Marlins game, Murray will typically stand out in a crowd; amidst a sea of "M" model hats, he is usually the only person wearing the old "F" model. * 

 Now, should you ever find yourself in Marlins Park, please think of Murray, and get yourself over to Paver Plaza.  Take a moment to find the paver that reads:

                      Murray Grossman, Max Styph's partner in "Frozen Styph,"
                                       is still wearing his Florida Marlins cap!

Scott Styph points to the
"Frozen Styph" paver in
Paver Plaza at the
 Miami Marlins ball park.

Close-up of the "Frozen Styph" paver at Paver Plaza in the Miami Marlins ball park.


STYPH, who is
Ilsa Rublow?

Ilsa Rublow was Max's neighbor who Max visited every day of the 7 days of the National League Playoffs.
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* In reality, FROZEN STYPH author, Ronald Jay Cohen, purchased a Marlins stadium paver for a charitable cause and had it inscribed as if it was written by Max Styph himself. No relationship exists between the Marlins and the Styphs.  We encourage FROZEN STYPH fans who attend a Marlins home game to seek out the Styph paver.