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the book

Fans of the play, the film, and laugh-out-loud books will enjoy curling up with FROZEN STYPH.

In the book, Styph fans will learn about the Styph "back story."  Upon completing this book, readers will be able to proudly provide the answers to important (well, relatively speaking) questions such as:

-  How did Max first meet Murray?
-  How did Olga and Max meet? 
-  How did Bubby meet Max's father?
-  Whatever happened to Max's father?

The book is available both in paperback and downloadable, e-book  formats. 

To purchase the FROZEN STYPH e-book for electronic readers such as Kindle or Nook, visit online retailers such as BarnesandNoble.com and Amazon.com.

The paperback, FROZEN STYPH, is also available at numerous online and retail outlets.  However, there is an advantage to buying your copy of the paperback book right here...

If you purchase your copy of the book from this site, you can have your copy autographed by the author.

 PayPal is our accepted payment method (visit our page on Ordering CWCT Merchandise for more information and for international surcharges).

Using Paypal,  e-pay a total of $18 (shipping & handling, as well as tax is included) to goldpalmsinc@aol.com.
In a separate e-mail, e-mail your name, address, phone number, and the inscription you would like on your
author-autographed book.

A personalized, author-autographed copy of Frozen Styph makes a great birthday gift, a great Chanukah gift, and a so-so anniversary gift.  Give the gift of the Styphs to yourself, or someone else.  It's the gift that says to the recipient, "I really don't know your taste in books so I thought I'd try this."

* Please note that unless arranged otherwise, items are shipped domestically by means of USPS Media Mail and may take as long as three weeks to be delivered.  

Offer for autographed copies is good only while supplies last and may be withdrawn at any time.  Price for the book and shipping costs are subject to change.

Experience it!
         THE BOOK
If you saw Frozen Styph (live) and loved it, or if you watched the feature film MITZVAH!  or FROZEN STYPH
​then we know you can't get enough of the characters.  It's time to read the book, FROZEN STYPH, and add it to your library of great (and near great) literature.

   (while supplies last)

Max Styyph and his lifelong business partner, Murray Grossman.
A young Scott Styph looking "like a man" in the eyes of his father, Max.
Max Styph explains to business partner, Murray Grossman,  his use of company funds to buy a paver at the Miami Marlins  Stadium.  It is really there!  Look for it if you happen to go to a game or event there.
To recognize it when you get there,

Pictured here, a young Jennifer Styph wearing her trademark tiara.  This photo was snapped when she, along with a fellow under-age friend, sneaked out to go to a local nightclub.  Meet the rest of the Styphs, as well as some of their relatives, friends, and co-workers--CLICK HERE.


Pictured here, Jennifer Styph, all grown-up, at the "memorial dinner party" in honor of her father,
Max Styph.  For more about this film of the hilarious audience-interactive play, CLICK HERE.

According to the book, FROZEN STYPH, Max first
met Olga on the Staten  Island Ferry.

      MITZVAH! is the hilarious film that tells the tale of the making of Scott Styph's Bar Mitzvah.  Learn more about it by clicking HERE.​


According to the book, FROZEN STYPH, where did  Max first meet Olga?

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