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Welcome To Our Website
Tell a little bit about your company. Where did you get your original idea? How did you get started?

Let people know you're real. Tell them about the people who work for you. Tell them about your company's work enviornment.
Welcome To Our Website
About the Cracked Wall Comedy Theater, LLC

The road from "participatory theater" to the "cracked wall"

The origins of the Cracked Wall Comedy Theater (CWCT) can be traced to the 1980s and the founding and incorporation in New York of The Participatory Theatre Company by Ronald Jay Cohen.  It was an era when local comedy clubs were springing up all over the country.  Audience members attending those clubs could be categorized, among other ways, as belonging to one of two groups:
Group 1
: Guests who sat up front, hoping to interact with the comedians, and
Group 2: Guests who shied away from sitting up front, preferring to watch from afar and enjoy  the comedians' interactions with audience members.

A fan of comedy on Broadway (such as Neil Simon plays) and live comedy clubs, Ron became intrigued with the idea of marrying a traditional stage play with the audience-interactive, improvisational elements of a comedy club experience.  The result was what Ron initially called participatory theater, and what he now refers to as cracked wall comedy theater; that is, comedy theater that "cracks" that imaginary fourth wall between performers on the stage, and the onlookers in the audience.

The creation of Frozen Styph
Perhaps ever since he won his sixth-grade "Best Writer" Award, Ron has thought of himself as something of a writer.  Indeed, as a guitar-playing adolescent in a band, he wrote over 50 songs, words and music (three of which he actually received publishing contracts for). Later, after earning a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, Ron would go on to write many published articles and books, and produce educational videos.   But let's get back to the story of Frozen Styph...

Ron had been working on a traditional stage play that had to with a funeral.  The premise of the play could be summed up by the question, "What would happen at a funeral if everyone who came to remember the deceased told the truth?"  The set for this play was a memorial chapel and one of the props was a coffin.  As Ron wrote it, he became increasingly uncomfortable with the material. There is little that is funny about death and dying (just ask anyone close to the subject matter).

Ron decided to alter the play just enough to make it work in the humorous way that it was originally intended to work.  He reasoned that it would be better if the subject matter did not conjure-up funeral-related imagery, and evoke death-related thoughts and associations that could easily distract from the comic premise.  To accomplish this transition, the whole situation had to be "kicked-up a notch" in its wackiness quotient, and thus be all-the-more distanced from the day-to-day reality of most people.  Distancing the premise in this way was designed to free audience members from some of their associations to the subject matter (which could have been morbid, painful, or worse), and give them license to laugh at the proceedings.  So... instead of being about a man who died, the play was rewritten  to be about a frozen foods magnate, Max Styph, who had decided to have himself frozen.  And instead of a funeral context, complete with a coffin in a chapel, the whole affair was positioned as a "memorial dinner party" that took place in a restaurant or banquet room setting--complete with a smoking, cryonic chamber behind the speaker's podium.  Another major change from the original script was designed to "crack" that imaginary fourth wall in theater.  By providing a mechanism for selected audience members to share the spotlight with cast members in talking about Max, audience guests themselves could not only participate in a meaningful--though nonetheless comedic-- way in the show, but become characters in it.

The mission of CWCT is to produce genuinely unique, funny, and entertaining plays that provide the opportunity for audience members to perform if they so desire, while enriching the community at large with charitable donations of a portion of revenue.  In the past, we have donated to organizations designed to ameliorate or find a cure for Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

CWCT is committed to quality and innovation in the production of live entertainment. Core elements of our corporate culture include providing real value to our patrons, bringing honesty and integrity to all business dealings, and giving back to the community through donations to worthy causes.

CWCT works to make the world just a little bit better through its innovative use of scripted and improvised humor in live, audience-interactive shows, and through fund-raising efforts for worthy charities. CONTACT US at any time at with your own charitable fund-raising ideas, and how we might be able to help.

                          Ms. Zoii F
(Valued) Assistant Producer/Director
 Cracked Wall Comedy Theater
 Palm Springs, CA production of           
                      Frozen Styph
CWCT takes this opportunity to acknowledge Shirley LeMaster's brilliant portrayal of Lila Styph-Calzone in a Palm Springs production of Frozen Styph.   Ms. LeMaster, a quick study, replaced another cast member in
​mid-production seamlessly.  ​
      ​And who can forget the  performance of Alden West in  ​her role as Bubby.  Ms. West was acknowledged with the Desert Theater League Award as  ​Best Supporting Actress for her work.  Congratulations Alden!
And congratulations to the show's producer: The Cracked Wall Comedy Theater!
Ms. Shirley LeMaster
Gifted actress Alden West displaying the prestigious Desert Theater League award
 she won for her portrayal as Becky "Bubby" Styph in Ronald Jay Cohen's Frozen Styph.
Special thanks to Shirley, Alden & Zoii for their outstanding work in the Cracked Wall Comedy Theater Palm Springs production of                  FROZEN STYPH
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The Cracked Wall Comedy Theater will launch a new production in South Florida in 2017.  Watch this space for details!
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